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December 9, 2013


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Time relates to rain. Days go slowly, or quickly, these factors depend on how lazy or active one is, how creative or malaised one is, so sectors of time, little widgets we keep track of to seep into the flack we allow ourselves can be compared to falling skies of water or even fire. Once a flickering ember, growing stronger, or a drizzle that torrentially becomes a cripple, even a gust so strong it brings out a thrust like a hurricane. Time can make someone go insane figuratively, eventually literally if left to our own devices. The indecisiveness begins to lift with counsel from a friend or confidante, then once more we become nonchalant. Easily filled with boredom, then we go again, and find something to occupy our mind and recommence back to feeling a sense of freedom again. Time never ends. It's continually moving. There is even a theory that it is looping, and as we do see even in our frame of mind history repeats itself. Now in this instant which has already passed as you read this infinite actions have occurred throughout the universe. The thing that brings new life and insight to time is what we as human beings choose to do. All of our actions impact every facet of our existence, perhaps as another theory clearly dictates there are dimensions where different actions happened than in our plane. I'm quite sure this verse I have just rehearsed gave quite a few of you a headache, perhaps even a chill, still I hope this made you think a bit more than usual. This is certainly not for a casual reader, or someone with closed ideas to grasp Gia's plans.
A nice, enjoyable 'brain bender'. Makes you think. I always liked pieces of literature such as this, exploring the ideas of time and infinity. A good read, overall.
TheNinthWaveTNW Dec 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot.
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